If taxes and bookkeeping  leave you confused and crazed…relax!

His career as a tax preparer started in 1995 as a volunteer for a Georgetown community center. He saw a growing number of fraud cases involving clients who had placed their trust in unscrupulous preparers. Mobile Tax was created to uphold high standards of business ethics and integrity  in tax preparation and bookkeeping.

Have a dilemma to discuss? Call 302-381-3345 or email him  at rene@delawaremobiletax.com.

You’ll always feel better with the Mobile Tax therapist on your team!

Rene Knight-Peguero is ready to slide in at tax season or stay the course through stressful situations involving late returns, back taxes, wage levies or audits.

Rene is an ordained minister, with a doctorate from Wesley Theological Seminary. He is  adept at tackling life problems that leave individuals troubled.
Your Mobile Tax therapist is on his way!
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